Why don’t you have set prices?
Pricing is based on your budget.

What does your videography services usually cost?
We can usually cut your video production costs in half.

What is Cinematic Videography?
It is a movie-like technique to capture your special event.

What type of events to you video?
We can film and create a customized video for any event that you would like including, corporate meetings, weddings, graduations, social events, music video productions, commercials, church events, holiday parties, launch parties, athletic games/tournaments, retirement celebrations, family reunions, etc.

What is included in the wedding package?
Our standard wedding package includes 1 videographer, 1 HD Camera, lighting, 3-4 hours of coverage, edited 3-5 minute highlight video, 1 downloadable file or DVD.

Customization and add-ons are available.

Do you video in high definition?
Yes, we only use the latest high definition technology.

Do you charge for travel?
In most instances we do not charge for travel. However, every project is unique and depends on your location.

What is a highlight video?
The highlight video is a 3-5 minute compilation of all the best moments of your special event put to music of your choice.

What is the “raw” footage?
The “raw” footage is the unedited footage of everything we shoot and the natural sound from your special event.

Will I receive a copy of both the “raw”, unedited footage and a highlight video?
No, you may choose the “raw”unedited footage or a 3-5 minute highlight video.
If you wish to receive both, there will be an additional charge.

Who picks out the music for my highlight video?
You choose your own music or if you prefer, we can help with selections.

Do you offer photography services?
No, we currently focus on videography only.

How long will it take to get my finished product? 
Most video productions take 60 to 90 days to complete.
Web and graphic development projects may require more or less time depending on the scope of the project.
Please be reminded that you may also have to account for periods of time were students are transitioning between semesters.

Do you provide any AV Services?
No, we shoot, edit and deliver the media to you after the event.

Is quality the tradeoff for low pricing and using students?
No, our students compare to many of the industry’s leading professionals.

How much are your DVD’s?
DVD’s are $10.00 each and Blu-rays are $15.00 each.

Can you make more than one DVD for me?
Yes, we have DVD duplication services. Please call for pricing.